Sudsy's & Chill Bundle

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8oz. WOODSHOP CANDLE & Two 5oz. bottles of our SUDSY'S HOT SAUCE & MARINADE

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When you are stuck at home together all day how does 'date night' even work? Well, cracking a bottle of wine isn't a bad idea. We also recommend lighting a candle! Our own Woodshop Candles are made with 100% USA-grown soy wax and natural wooden wicks to provide a clean burn with a soothing crackle sound. The subtle, natural scents—our own formulation—come from a blend of essential oils and phthalate-free fragrance oils, which produce a subtle, natural fragrance with no soot. 

 Our most popular candle for all tastes, this one is earthy and sensual. It smells like freshly cut hard woods with subtle smoky notes and is in no way overpowering. 

We are throwing in two bottles of our wildly popular Sudsy's Hot Sauce to spice things up a bit! 

Sudsy’s is a chunky tri-pepper hot sauce that's more about rich, smoky flavor and less about heat.

Awesome on just about everything. Elevates Bloody Marys. Heavenly as a marinade for steak, chicken and fish. A clever ingredient in dip or as a base for salad dressing. Divine on sandwiches, soups, mac & cheese, hash browns, huevos rancheros—anything that needs a little zip.

(contains soy & fish)

 *Within lower 48 States while supplies last